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  • Expertise in electrical equipment design sizing and selection
  • Load Study
  • One Line Diagram Plant Distribution System
  • One Line Diagram 13.8 KV
  • One Line Diagram 2300 Volt
  • One Line Diagram 480 Volt MCC
  • One Line Diagram 480 Volt
  • One Line Diagram 4160 Volt

  • Electrical equipment analysis and study capability includes Load Study, Voltage Drop Study, Short Circuit Study Calculations, Breaker - Relay Coordination Study, Harmonic Analysis Study, Cathodic Protection Study, and Arc Flash Study
  • Equipment specifications for Motor Control Center , Power Control Building, MCC Starters, Variable Speed Drive, Bus duct, Isolation Switches, UPS, Circuit Breakers, Annunciator panels, Cable tray and conduits
  • Equipment and Motor List
  • Cable Specifications, Panel Layout Drawings for PLC
  • Plan Drawings, Area Classification, Plan Drawings for Cable Tray, Conduit - U-G, Fiber Optics Routing, Grounding, Heat Tracing, Lighting, Pole-Line & Power, Equipment Location, J-Box, Nameplate, Relay Panel
  • Schedules Conduit – Cable, Nameplate, Power-Lighting Panel 120VAC, 480V Distribution Panel, Instrument Power Panel, Heat Trace Power Panel, UPS Power Panel
  • Wiring Diagrams and schematics